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Giving Thanks for All Things Large, Small, Stretchy and Tall

At Thanksgiving, it’s of course natural to give thanks for the many blessings we enjoy. I enjoy more than my fair share, thanks to a wonderful husband and partner, two (mostly) great, healthy kids, and the remarkable group of people who have come together as ST!R Marketing this year. Every single person in our shop makes me happy I came to work, whether it’s to laugh with them, learn from them, or impart something useful to whomever passes my desk and pauses long enough for me to ramble.

Our clients? I couldn’t be prouder to call them our business partners and colleagues, and we all are honored that they’ve put their trust in us as we work together to build and refine their businesses. To all of you, thank you so, so very much.

However, while we’re on the subject of thankfulness, I’d like to add some things that may go unnoticed but also are key pieces to my—perhaps our—happiness.

The phrase “First-world problems.”

To the inventor of that mindful turn of phrase, thanks. Because really, even on my worst day, I’m one of the luckiest people on the planet and I don’t have anything that really qualifies for complaint unless it makes a good story over dinner.

Mindfulness itself.

For some folks this comes with age, experience, or in my case, both. Being mindful—putting myself in the moment, experiencing it to the fullest, and understanding my impact on my surroundings—is not something that came naturally to me. So the world has sent me many teachers, and I try to be mindful and am so glad when I am.

Yoga pants.

Do I really need to explain this one, especially at Thanksgiving? Str-e-e-e-e-e-tchy.

Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts.

Because these groups truly change lives and develop our future leaders. My sons both are in Scouts, my husband is a Scout leader, and I see firsthand the impact these close-knit groups have through their expectations of courtesy, leadership, fellowship and self-reliance. I also am particularly grateful when it’s cookie and popcorn time, because then I can eat naughty things in the name of charity.

All joking aside, I am most grateful for my family. My mother, the divalicious Peggy, is on her way to Atlanta with her boyfriend (both are 78, so there is so much STILL to be grateful for!) for the holiday, and I get some time with my boys who will move on from my arms and home long before I’m ready. My nephew Drew, a sailor, will also spend time with us, and seeing that little boy now towering over me in his sailor whites blows me away. He has volunteered to protect our country, following in the footsteps of both his grandfathers who served with honor—his “Pops” in the Navy, “PawPaw,” my dad, in the Army. I’m proud and afraid at the same time that he’ll be put in harm’s way, but that too was what his grandfathers committed to do for us all and we’ll trust that he’ll be okay.

Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful, but I hope we all try to remember to be grateful every day, even for small things like the car starting when you’re late, or a stranger letting you into traffic. We truly are blessed, and I wish all good things for you in the coming year.

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