Global Insurance Industry Business Transformation and Change Management Communications

We developed and designed communications for a global insurance corporation that was transforming itself from a global federation of 93 companies with 140 policies and dozens of IT platforms into one company with shared policies and technology. Our communications support spanned every level of the company from the executive suite to the frontline and addressed a multitude of challenges related to cultural differences, new technology and resistance to change.

  • Global Change Management Communications
  • Leadership Messaging
  • Collateral Content and Design
  • Translation Services

Global Business Transformation and Change Management Support

After decades of growth, one of the largest insurance companies in the world operated as a collection of companies, each with its own way of doing things. The company has locations in more than 90 countries and handles claims in 17 official languages. More than 40 million phone calls, many of them related to the claims process, are fielded annually in more than 200 contact centers around the world. And the global claims department, the heart of the company, operated under more than 140 legacy claim systems and 400+ policy administration systems. The company’s checkerboard of procedures, languages and locations, some union-governed, showed the need for streamlining its business so that it was better able to compete on the global market.

A new Target Operating Model for the claims department was designed to standardize, consolidate and streamline all of the global claims systems in order to respond more quickly and efficiently to customers. The new model would build the company’s growth and profitability through increased customer loyalty and cost savings. This model reshaped the entire workflow, from how claims are organized and processed to how employees worked together and responded to customers to how shared services were managed.

The Challenges

Most of the communications about the company’s transformation had been at upper levels as executive and managers refined their plans for change, but a plan was needed to communicate the changes and the resulting success stories to claims adjusters and other front-line employees. The global claims department brought in ST!R Marketing to develop communications and messages for the company’s global regions, working with its sister agency, Object 9, to create materials that met the company’s design standards while creating a “brand” for the change transformation.

With such a massive change, employees were focused on their immediate frustrations with new systems that weren’t fully refined, and there was uncertainty because job responsibilities were changing: new tools and processes require different skill sets. With so much change, the natural tendency is to focus on the negative. Our communications and design strategies were to give context to the change and show people where they fit into the process of building a stronger company — to help people move forward, see the benefits of change and feel positive about their contributions during a somewhat unsettled time.

Developing message built around the mission of “Customers first, employees always,” we produced branded internal campaigns designed to let employees 1) know why change to become a more cohesive company was needed and 2) how streamlining the company would affect them and improve their work environment. We also developed materials for adjusters and brokers to share with clients.

Expanded Scope of Work

The success of the communications materials and plans created by ST!R and sister agency Object 9 was noticed, and both agencies were asked to take on projects for other departments of the company, which also were reorganizing their operating models, producing materials and messaging for information technology, workforce training and leadership development as well as ongoing communications for claims.

Tools Used

  • PowerPoints
  • Videos
  • Brochures
  • Intranet Content
  • Newsletters
  • Client Brochures
  • White Papers
  • Prezis
  • Collateral for Executive Meetings
  • Signage


Through our communications support, ST!R and Object 9 played a role in the success of the business transformation:

  • The new operating model is now guiding operations in 52 countries.
  • 84 percent of claims are now under the company’s new guidelines.
  • The changes have saved the company millions of dollars worldwide.
  • The company’s Target Operating Model has now been rebranded as its Global Operating Model.

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