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Situation Summary

To promote our client’s natural gas business to investors and cultivate strong relationships with investment journals and press, we developed a two-day event for leading market journalists and experts. We designed a memorable and intimate event so that reporters could have in-depth conversations with C-suite executives of the company and its subsidiaries.

The goal was to cultivate an understanding among natural gas industry thought leaders and media about the stability of our client’s systems in a rapidly changing market. No press conference could provide the information or access to the executive team that this event was designed to deliver.

Event invitations for the first night dine-and-discuss supper were limited to 25 of the most influential business writers in New York City, but media across the globe were invited to participate in our client’s Analyst Day for Institutional Investors via webcast on the second day of our event.

Event Strategies

We based our event in New York City, the epicenter of global financial news. Prior to meeting with the media and investment analysts, we held internal strategic planning sessions to ensure all executives would stay on message during their corporate presentations and informal networking events.

The first day, despite considerable logistical complications resulting from President Obama’s visit to Ground Zero next to the hotel, our executives welcomed reporters and investment analysts to an intimate dinner at New York’s famed 21 Club. The cocktail hour allowed writers and executives to mingle comfortably and discuss the industry. A delicious meal followed with plenty of conversation; seating was designed to allow our client’s executive team to better educate and form relationships with the guest journalists.

The environment, food and easy access to the executives allowed for deep-dive conversations about the future of domestic fuel production, the natural gas market and the company itself.

The next morning, our client’s official presentation to the investment advisors was held at the New York Stock Exchange and simulcast on the corporate website for other reporters to follow. Each reporter was given the client’s soon-to-be-released annual report and other branded items.

Our Responsibilities:

  • Venue selection and coordination
  • Hotel, limo service, floral, catering and menu selection
  • E-invitations to selected guest analysts and writers
  • Production and delivery of executive notebooks containing speeches, floor plans, etc.
  • Gift bag selection and delivery
  • Logistics for deliverables to and from NYC

Results Summary

Twenty-seven investment writers and analysts attended the first evening’s dinner, spending more than three hours visiting with our client’s executive team. The company’s Analyst Day was attended by more than 35 experts and media representatives, and our client released its quarterly earnings report before the bell as part of the team’s presentation. We received favorable coverage from more than 20 print and online media outlets.

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